• Laundry controller and data management for Hydro Systems pumpstands

    19/07/2017 10:49

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    A reliable automatic management system for laundry operations requiring sophisticated control and data management. The Total Eclipse Chemical Management System is a versatile controller that is compatible with Hydro Systems pumpstands and provides reports of production, cost, and chemical consumption.
    Features & Benefits:
    • Controls up to 8 products
    • Program up to 20 different wash formulas
    • Simple PC based programming
    • Intuitive menu structure
    • Six line, plain text menu and button prompts display on controller
    • Multiple languages available
    • Name formulas and pumps with customer and industry-specific names
    • Vertical or horizontal mounting
    • Controller setup files can be moved from controller to controller via USB
    • Time or volume calibration
    • Part of a pre-wired modular system
    • Dual level password protection
    • SAE or metric units of measurement