• LM200 Laundry Dispenser

    19/07/2017 11:20

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    Easy Installation
    The LM200 dispenser system is a compact, low cost, easy to use dispenser for on premise laundry applications. It includes a washer mounted Controller, a Super Isolated Machine Interface, and a wall mounted Pump Module. It can handle up to 6 laundry chemicals and up to 20 different formulas. It is often paired with our Total Eclipse controller. The Total Eclipse is a reliable automatic management system for laundry operations requiring sophisticated control and data management. Combined, the LM200 and Total Eclipse are the standard for OPL operations.
    LM200 Features & Benefits:
    • Compatibility
    • Control up to six products
    • High capacity pumps
    • Safe wiring
    • Water resistant
    • Quick pump tube change
    • Security
    • Complete modular system
    • High impact molded cabinet
    • Safe low voltage signal interface
    • Integrated flush output
    • “No Tools” squeeze tube change